Catriona Gray and Sam Milby Sex Scandal from Instagram?

There is a trending topic in social media, specially in facebook, about Clint posting coded images in his instagram account. The netizens decrypted the code and assumed that Clint hacked Sam Milby’s instagram account and found Sam’s sex videos with either Catriona Gray or other women. The people think Clint is suffering from depression due to his ex-girlfriend’s, Catriona Gray, infidelity with Sam Milby and that’s what motivated him to hack. There are also coded messages that the netizen says Clint also hold voice messages of Catriona Gray sweet talking to Sam or how she moans so loudly like a real cat. This is all an assumption for now and Clint still hasn’t decided if he will release the videos. Clint posted red and blue pills photos like from the matrix movie and still thinking if what he will choose, spread the sex videos or not. So, what is Clint’s goal after all this? For revenge and self-pity? We can only know after the countdown. Also, don’t mind the video. Since this is a pornsite, might as well upload something and found a fake sex scandal of Catriona from xvideos and pornhub.

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