Maricar Reyes and Doctor Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal

Before the video sex scandal of Maricar Reyes and the renowned dermatologist and cosmetic doctor Hayden Kho, Maricar was just a model and unknown to the public. After the spreading of their said video, Maricar Reyes’ career boomed with many projects and countless offers from tv networks like abs-cbn and her fame rised tremendously. Although she kept quiet about her scandal video unlike Kathrina Halili talking all over the media, it helps Maricar Reyes to become famous and thus gaining her to be likened by many networks in the Philippines. She starred in many tv drama series shows in abs-cbn and is one of their favorite actresses. I don’t know if there are also indecent offers for her like one night stand by the big people in the country like the rich and politicians but surely she rejected those because of her boosted career. Hayden Kho is a tall handsome guy with a job that enables him to meet up with many sexy and beautiful pinay girls that is why he seduced a lot of models and actress like maricar reyes, kathrina halili and also there is a rumor that Hayden Kho was also able to bed Princess Velasco and Ruffa Mae Quinto. I must say Hayden Kho is a one hell lucky guy. He is now still with Dr. Vicky Belo and Maricar Reyes is married to Richard Poon. Richard Poon the singer didn’t care about Maricar’s past while Kathrina Halili is now separated with his previous partner, Kris Lawrence. Kris Lawrence must have a hard time accepting his girlfriend after the scandal. Well, it’s like you are married to an amateur pinay porn star.

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